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JOE RATH - Interview

, 21:51

The highly recommended Don’t Be a Martyr album released in 2004 confirmed it: Joe Rath deserves far more attention than many of his counterparts from the post Year 2K’s indie hip hop explosion. So please read the following interview of this New Jersey native and encourage him to release the new gem he hasn’t have the opportunity to record yet.

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EIBOL - Interview

, 11:07

Until last year, Fingerprint Records was just a name for me, just a label I had heard of from one or two reviews here and there on the Internet. But one day, I contacted the manager of the label to tell him I had reviewed the latest Nobs album, and he proposed to send me his own solo album. Finally, I found myself with one of 2005’s nicest surprise between my hands and ears, a record named Karma Kingdom that was exactly what I was expecting from hip hop at this moment. Now, I guess there’s no use for me to tell you why I wanted to know more about this talented guy named Eibol.

EIBOL - Interview

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, 21:09

We can’t stop these men. After launching the Cavemen Speak, Stacs of Stamina and Gunporn projects, Siaz from Belgium and Marcus Graap from Sweden teamed up again under the Zucchini Drive name. Together, they released the Being Kurtwood album, one of the nicest hip hop records for the beginning of this year. Their concert with Bleubird last winter in Paris at La Guinguette Pirate was a first opportunity for us to meet personally this European counterpart of our beloved North American indie rappers.

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BLEUBIRD - Interview

, 21:40

The eccentric MC Bleubird is one of the phenomenons that appeared in the shadow of Anticon. Just a few minutes before a crazy show in Paris, Endemik Records’ key MC accepted to tell us a bit more about his international connections, his relationship with Sole’s label, his horrible teeth and the origin of his french name.

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LA MANO FRIA - Interview

, 20:07

La Mano Fria is not a musician. But as the key man behind the Beta Bodega Coalition, he plays a major role in Miami’s hip hop. His few days in Paris last February allowed us to ask him a few questions about the history of Miami electronic and hip hop scene, politics and messages, and his core activity: design.

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P-LOVE - Interview

, 20:34

P-Love is quite a good DJ and beatmaker, but he's not that famous yet. The 27th of october, we took the opportunity of his show at Mains d'Oeuvres in Paris' suburbs to ask him some questions about his background and career and to talk about Bully Records, Kid Koala, Q-Bert, The Smiths and classical trumpet.

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SLEEP - Interview

, 19:45

In the first half of 2005, Sleep released a new solo record as well as the first real album of the Chicharones, his duo with Josh Martinez. We thought it was the appropriate moment to interview him about all his past, present and future projects. In this interview, Sleep tells us a bit more about his background, Oldominion’s current projects, his many links with the Canadian hip hop scene and what becoming a father changed in his rapper's life.

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MAKER - Interview

, 21:19

Beatmakers able to release three excellent albums within a few months aren't too many in the hip hop world. But Maker is one of them. Honestly, The Harvest with Galapagos4’s Qwel and Glue’s Seconds Away with Adeem are all "must have" records. The recent release of a new instrumental album, Shooting The Breeze was an opportunity for us to ask Maker for a bit more information about him.

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TOCA - Interview

, 20:46

First, I tried to contact Ceschi Ramos, whose Fake Flowers was one my favorite of last year. Or David, his brother, who’s just released a new album. But when I contacted them, all the members of Toca were available, them being the two Ramos brothers plus Tommy V. And Xololanxinxo. This was an opportunity for a joint interview with the four of them. Some of their answers got raving, particularly at the end of the interview, but some others provide us with key information about these artists’ forthcoming projects and releases.

TOCA - Interview

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CONTROLLER 7 - Interview

, 21:10

From the rerelease of Left Handed Straw in 2001 and his reapparance on Bully Records, we had almost no news about Controller 7, apart from a few beats and remixes for Sole, Themselves and Sage Francis. The release of the excellent Bumps mix was an opportuntity for us to ask him about what happened before, after and in-between.

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RECYCLONE - Interview

, 20:41

There are several news concerning Recyclone in 2005 : re-release of his Dead World and Corroding the Cellular Engine albums, preparation of a new record with Soso from Clothes Horse Records, collaboration with Second Front... It was time for us to interview this key player of Canada's hip hop scene and discuss with him about his past and current projects, his career as a rapper or a rocker and some other issues.

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SOSO - Interview

, 19:44

You're both a rapper and a producer. How have you started doing music? What's your background?

Well... like a lot of little kids, I loved my Dad's record collection. I knew all the artists and song titles -- I used to organize his tape collection on Sundays.

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4AM - Interview

, 21:44

One month after we interviewed Octavius/William Marshall, it was time that we did the same with his fellow and beatmaker 4AM, with whom he recorded the quite recommended Electric 3rd Rail album in 2000. An interview that was quite welcome since our friend is releasing a solo record these days, Sex, Darwinism & the Jungle of Hades.

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OCTAVIUS - Interview

, 21:03

Apparently, you’ve a past deeply rooted in hip hop. Can you tell us about these stages you’ve shared with the Lost Boys and Foxy Brown that are mentioned in your biography?

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MAC LETHAL - Interview

, 22:50

We got in touch with Mac Lethal after reviewing his album, Men Are From Mars, Pornstars Are From Earth, on the French side of our Website, and just before the beginning of Scribble Jam 2002. He finally came back as the winner. This was a good opportunity for us asking him how Scribble Jam 2001 (where he finished second) had changed his life, what he expected from his recent victory and what he was currently working on.

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