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P-LOVE - Interview

, 20:34

P-Love is quite a good DJ and beatmaker, but he's not that famous yet. The 27th of october, we took the opportunity of his show at Mains d'Oeuvres in Paris' suburbs to ask him some questions about his background and career and to talk about Bully Records, Kid Koala, Q-Bert, The Smiths and classical trumpet.

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SLEEP - Interview

, 19:45

In the first half of 2005, Sleep released a new solo record as well as the first real album of the Chicharones, his duo with Josh Martinez. We thought it was the appropriate moment to interview him about all his past, present and future projects. In this interview, Sleep tells us a bit more about his background, Oldominion’s current projects, his many links with the Canadian hip hop scene and what becoming a father changed in his rapper's life.

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MAKER - Interview

, 21:19

Beatmakers able to release three excellent albums within a few months aren't too many in the hip hop world. But Maker is one of them. Honestly, The Harvest with Galapagos4’s Qwel and Glue’s Seconds Away with Adeem are all "must have" records. The recent release of a new instrumental album, Shooting The Breeze was an opportunity for us to ask Maker for a bit more information about him.

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TOCA - Interview

, 20:46

First, I tried to contact Ceschi Ramos, whose Fake Flowers was one my favorite of last year. Or David, his brother, who’s just released a new album. But when I contacted them, all the members of Toca were available, them being the two Ramos brothers plus Tommy V. And Xololanxinxo. This was an opportunity for a joint interview with the four of them. Some of their answers got raving, particularly at the end of the interview, but some others provide us with key information about these artists’ forthcoming projects and releases.

TOCA - Interview

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CONTROLLER 7 - Interview

, 21:10

From the rerelease of Left Handed Straw in 2001 and his reapparance on Bully Records, we had almost no news about Controller 7, apart from a few beats and remixes for Sole, Themselves and Sage Francis. The release of the excellent Bumps mix was an opportuntity for us to ask him about what happened before, after and in-between.

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RECYCLONE - Interview

, 20:41

There are several news concerning Recyclone in 2005 : re-release of his Dead World and Corroding the Cellular Engine albums, preparation of a new record with Soso from Clothes Horse Records, collaboration with Second Front... It was time for us to interview this key player of Canada's hip hop scene and discuss with him about his past and current projects, his career as a rapper or a rocker and some other issues.

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SOSO - Interview

, 19:44

You're both a rapper and a producer. How have you started doing music? What's your background?

Well... like a lot of little kids, I loved my Dad's record collection. I knew all the artists and song titles -- I used to organize his tape collection on Sundays.

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4AM - Interview

, 21:44

One month after we interviewed Octavius/William Marshall, it was time that we did the same with his fellow and beatmaker 4AM, with whom he recorded the quite recommended Electric 3rd Rail album in 2000. An interview that was quite welcome since our friend is releasing a solo record these days, Sex, Darwinism & the Jungle of Hades.

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OCTAVIUS - Interview

, 21:03

Apparently, you’ve a past deeply rooted in hip hop. Can you tell us about these stages you’ve shared with the Lost Boys and Foxy Brown that are mentioned in your biography?

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MAC LETHAL - Interview

, 22:50

We got in touch with Mac Lethal after reviewing his album, Men Are From Mars, Pornstars Are From Earth, on the French side of our Website, and just before the beginning of Scribble Jam 2002. He finally came back as the winner. This was a good opportunity for us asking him how Scribble Jam 2001 (where he finished second) had changed his life, what he expected from his recent victory and what he was currently working on.

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SCIENZ OF LIFE - Interview

, 21:52

Now signed on Big Jus’ Sub Verse, and representing the spiritual, positive, respectful and profesorial side of rap, Scienz of Life are presenting their new Project Overground album to us.

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ABSTRACKT KEAL AGRAM - Abstrackt Keal Agram

, 23:27

It seems that you had to search among instrumental works if you wanted to find the best French albums for 2001 in the hip-hop affiliated category. After Tacteel’s Butter for the Fat (admittedly an EP), it’s Abstrackt Keal Agram’s turn to find their place a bit late in our end of the year best-of.

ABSTRACKT KEAL AGRAM - Abstrackt Keal Agram

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TYPICAL CATS - Interview

, 22:11

Signed on Galapagos4, Chicago's most promising label, The Typical Cats showed with their first album that they were indeed very good at emceeing and battling. We interviewed all of them before we get a chance to listen to their new collective and solo materials.

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, 22:07

We discovered The Lost Children of Babylon about 4 years ago through their participation to the Jedi Mind Tricks' The Psycho Social... classic album. But their first full-length album released a few months ago revealed quite a different nature. Dealing with Ancient Egypt's mythology, The Equidivium is full of esoteric lyrics inspired by Malachi Z. York's Nuwaubu teaching. We asked Cosmic Crusader from the Lost Children to tell us a bit more about this, the excellent production of the album and the group forthcoming project.

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TES - Interview

, 22:20

August 2001 : Hip-Hop Section gets the opportunity to interview Tes, one of NY's underground best artists nowadays. Unfortunately, every one among us who is a fan of Tes is on summer holidays at this time. I'm finally obliged to do a new exercise that I don't like very much : interviewing an artist without knowing any of his tracks. So don't be surprised if the questions below are not really relevant, and please just take care to Tes' answers... By the way, I finally got hold of Take Home Tes. And it is really great.

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MARS ILL - Interview

, 22:33

The much talented Mars Ill (ManCHILD, and Dust) are the authors of Raw Material, one of last year’s must-have hip-hop albums. That was just one good reason to ask for a short interview with them. But we little atheist French people couldn’t help asking some nasty questions about the christian content of some of their lyrics, fearing that they would not be welcome. However, ManCHILD, the emcee, accepted to answer them and we must admit he did it quite well.

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BIGG JUS - Interview

, 22:04

An interview of Company Flow with us was planned two years ago, when they came and visited us for a show in Southern France. But finally, Montpellier was too far from Paris and we missed them. At this time, Bigg Jus had already left hip hop’s new wave leaders and started working on other projects. Today we see this interview of him as a kind of revenge, even if we deliberately decided not to question him too much about his former crew. The time has come now for Subverse and the rapper’s solo album, and this new story seems as promising as the previous one was.

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ODDJOBS - Interview

, 22:12

The Midwest is not the first place people look at when they want to discover fresh hip hop. But things started to change a few years ago with Atmosphere key Overcast! release. Coming from Minnesota as well, Oddjobs is a band of two MC’s (Advizer, Crescent Moon) and two DJ’s (Anatomy, Deeltax) from the Cases of Mistaken Identity crew that recently released a very convincing Absorbing Playtime EP. We whished to know more about them and all of them aggred to answer separately to this interview.

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KUNGA 219 - Interview

, 22:00

Apparently Halifax, Nova Scotia, is quite a rich scene with plenty of hip hop artists of a new kind. Revealed after Buck 65 and Sixtoo - both of them affiliated to Anticon - here is Kunga 219, author of the brilliant Tharpa's Transcript and the adept of poetical rap with slow and melancolic atmospheres, just as his fellows. We wanted to know more about him and invited Kunga to answer our interview.

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, 22:02

Just listen to the A Jeep Jack Affair compilation and you'll realise that Microft Holmes is one of the best emcees nowadays. Hip Hop Section has tried to catch him before he becomes the next hype. We prepared a few questions and asked the Genevan Heathen (their French speaking contact), to do an interview with him. He did it brilliantly, and interviewed The Beyonder (producer, among others, of 7L & Esoteric's classic "Be Alert") and Plusone (an unknown) in quite a crazy atmosphere. Too much alcohol.

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