SCIENZ OF LIFE - Interview

Now signed on Big Jus’ Sub Verse, and representing the spiritual, positive, respectful and profesorial side of rap, Scienz of Life are presenting their new Project Overground album to us.

There have been three years between the release of Metaphysics and your reappearance on Big Jus’s Subverse. What happened in between?

The time you are speaking of for Scienz of Life was a time of reconstruction or replenish. It is when we went thru a mental evolution as far as the whole structure of our goals as artist where concerned. It was a time of getting more heavily into the business mind of things as we could foresee all the great things we had coming ahead rapidly. It is when Scienz of Life's focus to become a self contained unit started developing.

How do you remember the Fondle’em area, now that its finished?

The entire Fondle'em Era was of great importance for Scienz of Life and many others it was a time where it brought a lot of NYC and tri-state area local talent to a world wide basis where for the first time we had people in other parts of the world listening to our music and knowing the name. Fondle'em is not dead Energy doesn't die it will exist forever in the form of music.

Have you the feeling of having been part of a kind of Golden Age of independent hip hop?

The feeling is blessed just to know that we are a part of that historic era in HipHop and it really only put SOL in arms reach of a lot of other great things now and to come. It also allows us to see first hand how big this Indy HipHop industry has grown since then and during that time.

Any comment on people such as The Arsonists or MF Doom’s career since Fondle’em?

It is great to see other A-alikes elevating themselves no matter in what way they do it. As far as Arsonists', Doom, and many others this is only the beginning really of our time. Much respect to them and everyone else keeping the real music alive.

Why is your new album titled Project Overground? You don’t want to be underground anymore?

The Title of the new album does not mean Scienz of Life has no respect for the Underground anymore that is our foundation and also note the Underground is a Movement of HipHop kulture who's aim is to keep the kulture pure and free from corruption. We stop calling ourselves underground for the moment because the true essence of the word has been twisted into meaning less quality than or less seen or less heard or just limited to one audience and one sound and that is not what we as Scienz of Life want we deal with expansion and growth on a consistent basis.

The issues you handle have always been a bit conceptual or abstract. Can you tell us what the Scienz Experiment is?

The experiment of Project Overground is really to get into the minds of the people who are not aware of the full consciousness that exist within the HipHop Kulture so instead of keeping the same formula and attracting the same conscious crowd that already knows. This time we are aiming for the heads who don't have a clue and we will slowly but surely bring them into the light. We are in a world where even grown people have to fed baby food to Overstand greatness that exist right in front of their own noses. The experiment also exists in the different flava's in the music we did all types of vibes from jazz to soul to house to hardcore to smooth you name it is on there so that is where the Title emerges.

Forthcoming projects?

Stay in tune with Scienz of Life and the rest of the Solvizion Family for updates at and a lot of new music and innovations coming soon!!!!

It’s now time for Hip Hop Section’s standard questions: What's on your playlist right now? Hip hop or non hip hop?

We listen to a lot of Jazz in this time it is soulful meditation also a lot of soul music and classic HipHop. We live by the phrase looking back to move forward, Meaning we give homage and respect to the greats in this music culture and just our ancient elders on a whole b4 us and look to them for the guidance and protection to move forward towards positive elevation...

What do you know French hip hop?

We know very little about French HipHop but the little that we do know we would like to thank France's own DJ Dee Nasty for sending us some Radio Nova tapes so that we can feel the vibes of Paris a lil something. Working with Dee Nasty was our only real connect to France at all so much respect to Dee Nasty and Fam.

We also got a taste of French Hip Hop at the Montreux Jazz Festival last summer in Switzerland in which we performed and got to see Dee nasty do his thing along with others .. We Really enjoyed Sista D to she is amazing. We love her vibes...

Look for more Scienz Dee nasty work in the near future.

When have you a concert in Europe?

We plan to head to Europe with our New album Project Overground this fall season so please Again Stay tuned :

Most people in France do not understand lyrics in English. Do you think they can really understand your music though ?

The message is in the vibe of the music that we bring to the world. Music is boundless the vibe is self explanatory whatever the music makes you as an individual feel then that is how it is goes. .So yes we know people all over the world can Overstand the Scienz Vibe it's Natural mystics in other words.

Any final message or statement to end this interview?

The Blazin new Scienz Of Life album Project Overground: The Scienz Experiment is in stores now!!! Please support real music world wide.

France we love yall so look for us soon Live in the flesh Rocking the House in ya arena..

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