How can we contact you?

codotusylv (at) fakeforreal (dot) net

Don't you have any mail address, for us to send promos?

Fake For Real
19, Rue de Luc
14780 Lion sur Mer

What is your policy regarding promos?

We review them at our discretion, mostly in French, without over-promising anything. Our priorities are promos we enjoyed. We can be quite tough, but we'll prefer not writing anything about emerging artists, rather than publishing bad feedbacks. Last but not least, we listened carefully to all records mentioned here, and our reviews are totally sincere.

What is your policy concerning advertising?

Except for a few situations (partnerships, specific interest, etc.), we don't publish advertising or promotional messages on our main site, even when we like the artists. However, anyone is free to leave a message on our board at this place. But please keep in mind that advertisment not related to the site's content and main tastes may be deleted.