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July 2014

Saturday 5 July 2014

J-ZONE - Pimps don't Pay Taxes

, 10:58

In 2001, after his two EP's, Music for tu Madre (1998) and A Bottle of Whup Ass (2000), both praised in the underground, Jay Mumford, a.k.a. the producer and rapper J-Zone, had finally released his first real album. This third record was, somehow, the synthesis of the two others. It was recycling...

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Tuesday 8 July 2014

100s - IVRY

, 22:47

100s, the Californian rapper, didn't release many materials in 2013. Nonetheless, he didn't lose time. After his first mixtape, Ice Cold Perm, was praised by many, he joined Fool's Gold, A-Track's label, and the best entry point to the hipster side of hip-hop. He also delivered a track, "Life...

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Saturday 12 July 2014


, 23:16

In 2003, the casting had changed for the dream team made of Daddy Kev and D-Styles. After some fruitful collaborations with Awol One, the Los Angeles beatmaker and the DJ from the Invisibl Skratch Piklz had finally exchanged the hoarse voiced Shape Shifters MC, with another key rapper from...

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Saturday 19 July 2014

3 MELANCHOLY GYPSYS - Grand Caravan to the Rim of the World

, 15:25

With hindsight, we know now that there was one single criterion, to assess the quality of a Living Legends record: the level of involvement of Eligh. The Californian collective's best albums, indeed, were those where he took the most active part. It was true for his solo albums, as well as...

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Monday 21 July 2014


, 23:08

In 2005, the Chicharones had already some releases behind them. As soon as in 2003, they had recorded together a Boss Hog EP. It was mostly in concerts, though, that the complicity between Sleep – a member of the Oldominion – and Josh Martinez – from Halifax's hip-hop scene – had been forged and...

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Monday 28 July 2014

NOBODY - Soulmates

, 22:51

It all started by 1998, when Mike Nardone came across a cassette full of instrumental hip-hop music, entirely produced by a Californian beatmaker, by then unknown. Convinced by these few tracks, the DJ shared them with the guys at Ubiquity Records, who decided to release them. Now on a label, Elvin...

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