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June 2014

Monday 9 June 2014

SOSO - Not for Nothing

, 11:58

Since 2007 and his last album, Tinfoil on the Windows, we all thought that soso had disappeared with his label, Clothes Horse. Sure, in 2009, he had released a joint album with DJ Kutdown, All They Found was Water at the Bottom of the Sea. But this was an instrumental record, available only through...

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Saturday 21 June 2014

NECRO - I Need Drugs

, 12:13

A beatmaker for Non-Phixion, Cage, Missing Linx and a few others, but also an MC, the boss of the Psycho+Logical label and a video maker, Necro has been a main character in New-York's underground rap scene. He's been its hyperactive Jack of all trades. In 2000, after a few singles and EP's of his...

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Saturday 28 June 2014

MAINTENANCE CREW - Eternal Sunshine of the Simple Mind

, 13:05

The music of Chicago's Maintenance Crew was rather conservative, and as such quite aligned with the rest of the indie rap scene established in the Windy City, and elsewhere in the Midwest. The trio's first album, Eternal Sunshine of the Simple Mind, was indeed made entirely of good old jazzy loops,...

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