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May 2014

Saturday 3 May 2014

JOE RATH - Don't Be a Martyr

, 11:14

Based in Clifton, New Jersey, Joe Rath is said to have recorded something like ten albums around 2000. Most of them, however, have been released in a very DIY way, except He Meant Well, a 2002 record released on Motion Recordings, but almost as unnoticed as the others. It was only with Overwhelmed -...

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Saturday 24 May 2014

KOOL KEITH - Sex Style

, 13:51

In 1996, with the weird sounds and the futuristic raps of Dr. Octagon, Kool Keith had clearly heralded the forthcoming indie rap wave. The veteran rapper wouldn't comply with this movement's next phase, though. He would never try to get respectable, or become a conscious rapper. The ex Ultramagnetic...

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Sunday 25 May 2014

FERMENTED REPTILE - Let's Just Call you "Quits"

, 22:59

Thanks to this album, many, in the early 2000's, discovered Peanuts & Corn, and immediately fell in love with it. Entirely produced by Mcenroe – except for "Accidents Happen", where Frek Sho's Sunil Ishq Bector was in charge - this record laid the foundations of the label's identity,...

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