100s - IVRY

100s, the Californian rapper, didn't release many materials in 2013. Nonetheless, he didn't lose time. After his first mixtape, Ice Cold Perm, was praised by many, he joined Fool's Gold, A-Track's label, and the best entry point to the hipster side of hip-hop. He also delivered a track, "Life of a Mack", for the 5th edition of Grand Theft Auto. Consequently, it is not too much of a surprise if he is coming back today, with a better exposure and even more critical acclaim. Actually, listening to IVRY, his new eight-track release, his music itself reached an upper dimension.

100s - IVRY

Fool's Gold :: 2014 :: download mixtape

In 2012, one thing only sounded wrong with the quite promising Ice Cold Perm: somehow, it was much too cold and too dry. But now, in 2014, with this new EP delivered for free, it looks like the young rapper agreed with our comments – and why not, actually, since this young man of Ivorian descent is probably able to read French? His music is the complete reverse of his previous project. The ambiance is warm, and the beats – produced by Joe Wax again, but also by Chuck Inglish, by Scott Stallone, and by A-Trak of course – are colorful. And actually, these fit much better the magnificent and invulnerable pimp character, 100s continues to play.

This EP (or mixtape) was heralded as Daft Punk turned g-funk. And indeed, it sounds a bit like this. IVRY smells like some old funk or disco, and it is delightfully corny. This is some bouncy dance music, full of melodies sang by 100s himself, or by others, like with the hooks of "Fuckin Around", "Different Type", "Ten Freaky Hoes", or all along "Middle of the Night". Synthesizers are jingling on "Can a Nigga Hit It", or suave on "Ten Freaky Hoes", or metronomic and catchy on "Different Type of Love". The guitar solos are hot on "Middle of the Night". The bass pulses on "Slide on Ya". And some kind of vocoder – or is this Auto-Tune? – is also there.

Some might consider that the mack persona of 100s, that his rude, cold and cruel lyrics, impervious to all emotions, that his insolent and absolute self-confidence – please listen to "Thru My Veins", one of IVRY's highlights – would require a similar music. They might expect it black and austere. Some others, on the opposite, might prefer more attractive beats, even if these are kitsch, even if these are Schmaltz. They would opt for this contrast between harsh lyrics, and a smooth sound, which used to be the basis of the best g-funk. Both camps, though, are equally lucky. Now 100s delivered a great mixtape in each of these two categories.

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