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September 2015

Thursday 10 September 2015

LEXICON - Rapstars

, 13:02

Originally, by the indie rap heyday, Lexicon had just been one act among many others, not too different from their underground peers. The only remarkable thing with these two guys from Los Angeles, was their proximity with people like Styles of Beyond, and also Subtitle. But then, by 2006, they...

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Sunday 20 September 2015


, 23:11

There is some kind of game we enjoy practicing, sometimes: identifying, among the various phases hip-hop has come across throughout its history, what could have been their equivalent in rock music. As far as the Restiform Bodies are concerned, this comparison is easy: Telephone Jim Jesus, Bomarr...

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Wednesday 30 September 2015


, 23:25

For someone so closely related to a bygone era – the late 90's, the years of backpacker rap – Aesop Rock is aging rather well. At least, he is not giving up. Now part of the Rhymesyaers crew, he released in 2012 one of his finest albums, the self-produced Skelethon. And the year after, he launched...

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