Laitdbac :: 2010 :: buy this record

This EP accelerated everything, at least here in France, where the Black brothers would have some success, and be exposed to a large audience through medias like France Inter and Les Inrocks. They would even make it to the mainstream Hit Machine program, on the M6 TV channel. And afterwards, they would feature in a video of Orelsan, a rapper from Normandy, by then one of France's hip-hop stars.

And then, nothing; no album. For years, we thought that Lexicon was over, that their inspiration had gone away, and that they were passé. Fortunately, this was not true. In 2010, they would eventually come back with an LP, also titled Rapstars, which would offer exactly the kind of party rap the fans of the EP had longed for. It was the same, but longer. And it was offering new versions of their formula, made of scratches, insolent raps, guitar riffs and frantic drums. It was the perfect mix of the flashiest and catchiest aspects of each genre, rap and rock.

To be honest, the previously released tracks were the best, especially the banger "Junk Food", thanks to its cheeky feminine voice and groovy bass. But the other songs were not too far, especially the opening "Ready to Go", the attractive "Calls" and, last but not least, the funky "Snap". And if the second half of the album was a bit so-so, it ended with a great cover of the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated".

So, Rapstars, the album, was exactly what had been promised with Rapstars, the EP. It wasn't surprising at all, at least not anymore, but this was a good thing. This was exactly what we had expected from the two brothers, after such a long wait.