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October 2014

Saturday 4 October 2014

HAIKU D'ETAT - Haiku D'Etat

, 11:54

The juxtaposition of the words "haiku" and "coup d'état" is sounding strange; especially if, like us, you are a French person. It is, however, an appropriate translation of what this unusual album is made of. This record, indeed, mixed the concision of the most evocative poetic...

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Monday 13 October 2014

THE CANKLES - Goddamn!!

, 02:30

At first glance, the Cankles were so diverse that they looked like some mutant hip-hop group from the UK. But actually, they were coming from America; from Chicago, to be precise, a city where the rap underground scene is rich, and where it proliferates with people like All Natural, the Molemen, or...

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Saturday 18 October 2014

ACEYALONE - A Book of Human Language

, 15:34

A rap concept-album, maybe the most extreme ever released in this musical genre; but not only. A record full of rap poetry, also, where music was secondary, accessory, and functional, without this being an issue. Some hip-hop transformed into true literature – yes, this old fantasy, this promise...

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Sunday 26 October 2014

NOAH23 - Jupiter Sajitarius

, 13:45

On "Julia Set", a track on Quicksand (2002), Noah23 had promised that his next album would come with a complimentary dictionary. It could have been a good idea. The characteristic of the rapper from Gelph, indeed, is to build his raps with plenty of unusual and weird words, coming from the...

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Thursday 30 October 2014

JEEP JACK - A Jeep Jack Affair

, 23:49

By the early 00's, it became more and more arduous to find one's way in the hip-hop underground. This scene was just too crowded. So many indie records were now available on the marketplace, that it was difficult to understand what their pedigree was. By chance, though, sometimes, a compilation...

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