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June 2016

Tuesday 14 June 2016

CUNNINLYNGUISTS - Strange Journey Volume One

, 23:03

The CunninLynguists have been, in many ways, an exception. The duo – later on, a trio - had represented more or less the backpack rap tradition in a place, the Dirty South, where it scarcely existed. Also, in an anachronistic way, they have been loyal to some 90's and Dungeon Family inspired kind of...

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Tuesday 28 June 2016

LUCKYIAM.PSC - Justify the Mean$

, 23:09

Justify the Mean$, is not only a record from Luckiyam. It also belongs to the man to be called Gandalf, when talking about the beatmaking side of his artistry. In addition to rapping on it, Eligh, indeed, produced the integrality of the album, and this contribution was decisive. It transfigured the...

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