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May 2016

Monday 2 May 2016

THIRSTIN HOWL III - Skilligan's Island

, 23:00

Originally a gang of Puerto Rican hustlers, the Lo-Life Founders never tried to record any masterpiece. Despite their excellence on the mic, rap has always been some hobby to them, more than something they really invested in. Though Thirstin Howl III, their figurehead, did feature on Soundbombing...

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Tuesday 17 May 2016

QWEL & MAKER - Beautiful Raw

, 22:52

So, they hadn't said it all. Responsible for some of the best indie rap releases in the mid 2000's - especially the brilliant The Harvest - the duo had made it again, ten years after. In 2013, Qwel, a member of the Typical Cats, who had originally perfected his rapping skills in Chicago's MC...

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Monday 30 May 2016

MCENROE - Disenfranchised

, 22:53

So many years later, we still wonder where mcenroe found the time. Since his first recordings by 1994, the rapper and beatmaker had never been out of work. In addition to his own releases, or those of his group Park-Like Setting, or the many albums entirely produced by him, or his many featuring as...

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