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January 2015

Friday 2 January 2015

TRICIA ROSE - The Hip Hop Wars

, 14:32

Assessing a musical genre on moral criteria is sad; it is simplistic and narrow-minded. Most often, it means setting useless boundaries, spoiling one's pleasure, and, basically, missing the point. However, it is legitimate. Among so many other things, hip-hop is rich with lyrics, images and...

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Saturday 10 January 2015


, 15:33

By the year 2000, the indie backpacker hip-hop style had spread over almost all places in the United States, except maybe its Southern parts. Essentially, the most popular form of hip-hop, there, was its complete opposite: it was dirty, sexual, gangsta, and aimed at clubs. It had so few to do with...

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Monday 12 January 2015

EDAN - Beauty and the Beat

, 22:00

If we need to select a symbol for retro-futurism – this trend consisting in coming back to the past, in order to reinvent the future – this needs to be Edan Portnoy. With his first album, the underground classic Primitive Plus, the rapper, producer and DJ created an improbable musical subgenre: old...

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Monday 19 January 2015

SAGE FRANCIS - Copper Gone

, 23:14

We had almost lost sight of Sage Francis. And for a good reason: for four years, he hadn't released any record. He seemed to have stopped rapping, managing his Strange Famous label, or travelling to Africa. Moreover, his previous album, Li(f)e (2010), a collaboration with indie rockers, had not...

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Monday 26 January 2015

KNO - Death Is Silent

, 23:13

The CunninLynguists have been some of these few guys, more or less affiliated to the indie rap movement of the early 2000's, who managed to make it and find a place in the bigger rap community. Those rappers from Kentucky, however, were not too different from their peers; they had followed more or...

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