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ASIAN DOLL - Drippin' in Glo

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This is an implicit law in rap music: at one step or another of its career, any major collective must integrate a female member. One of these crews, however – and not the least – was an exception for quite a long time: Gucci Mane's 1017 Records. It took them a decade, no less, to have a femcee. The chosen one was Misharron Allen, a Dallas rapper better known as Asian Doll - though she is not an Asiatic. Her first project, Da Rise of Barbie Doll Gang Empire, was released in 2015, but it was with another one, a year later, that the Texan lady started making noise: Drippin' in Glo. After this album, she would feature with PnB Rock and Famous Dex – her lover, according to rumors – and she would be praised by Nicki Minaj.

ASIAN DOLL - Drippin In Glo

Noremac Enterprises :: 2016 :: buy this album

Nicki Minaj's support was everything but a surprise. Like the other "dolls" in the rap game, Asian Doll is clearly her heir. Like her, the self-titled Queen of the Teens is a fashion victim. Fascinated by the Barbie doll, she has a passion for flamboyant and extravagant looks. Like Minaj, also, she shows herself as a dominating and hot-tempered woman, she is not shy with sexy poses, and she had a few beefs with other female rappers, most notably Cuban Doll, Bali Baby and her previous collaborator Rico Nasty. Asian Doll has a colorful personality, which was already fully developed on the twelve tracks of the dense and compact Drippin' in Glo.

"Barbie gang everywhere", Asian Doll was saying on her manifesto "Barbie Everywhere", the central piece on this mixtape. The most important word in that short sentence, though, was not the first, but the second: "gang". With her irresistibly simple melodies, her anthems to money ("Franklins", "All My Life"), her crazy gang stories ("Shooters"), her death threats ("Power Up"), the over-the-top ego-trip she declaimed on Kodak Black's "No Flockin", her clear preferences regarding sex partners ("Like Me"), and her menacing and armed poses in the videos of "Chess" – a collaboration with her Dallas fellow Maserati Ye – and "Barbie Everywhere", she followed the steps of her future sponsor. Considering her flashy kind of gangsta rap, Asian Doll fully had her place among Gucci Mane and his pals.

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