SOSAMANN - Trap'd Out 2

You can't have missed them. The guys from the Sauce Factory, indeed, have been quite present over the last few months. They released several mixtapes, and were praised by locals like Slim Thug, as well as superstars like Drake. They are everywhere, and presented like the next wave in one of rap's biggest strongholds: Houston. The Sauce Twinz (Sauce Walka and Sancho Saucy), Sosamann, 5th Ward JP, Drippy, Rizzo, plus a few others, are coming from different places in the Texan city, but they all belong to the same new generation. They are the heralds of a new movement, a new sound, a new concept – all at once – they call "the sauce".

SOSAMANN - Trap'd Out 2

The Sauce Factory :: 2015 :: download mixtape

Some may understand this blurry concept as a hint at drugs, more particularly the codeine-based syrup known as Houston's iconic narcotic. But it can also be about a specific way of life, already advocated by rappers from there: living lavishly; going for long rides, with music bumping into cars; wearing luxury clothes, with the shimmering colors pimps like. The Sauce Factory, however, doesn't sound like the previous generations of Houston rappers. They look more influenced by Atlanta's prominent trap music. More particularly, they are often compared to Migos, due to their post-gangsta and eccentric styles, and their love for repetitions and slogans. Both collectives, actually, have already worked together, on the track "On Top".

The influence of the music from Atlanta is particularly perceptible with Sosamann, the band's veteran, a guy from Southwest Houston – while the Sauce Twins, who are at the core of the collective, are coming from the Southeastern side of the city. His last solo mixtape, released by the beginning of 2015, the sequel to a homonymous release in 2013, is indeed named Trap'd Out 2. Tracks like "On My Grind", "Forever", "Roll Windows Down", "I Do", and "Smock, Fuck, Leave", are full of pulsating basses, flashy synthesizers, and laments sung with Auto-Tune. The main themes, money and hoes, are a pretext for meaningless ramblings. And there is even a track, "What You Sayin'", produced by Zaytoven. Long story made short: Sosamann looks like his colleagues from the other rap center in the South.

Also, Trap'd Out 2 is one of the best mixtapes ever released by the Sauce Factory, the Houston band being sometimes a bit too prolific and not selective enough. It is full of highlights: the furious "Trap'd Out"; the intoxicating "Up Front"; the romantic "Forever"; "Selfmade", a duo with Slim Thug; the cloud rap conclusion of "Untouchable"; "I'm Da Man" and "Fade This Wave", featuring a haunted Sauce Walka; and of course another song with the same, "Did a Whole Lot", one of the Sauce Factory's manifesto, a true banger. And the good news, is that Sosamann has even more sauce left in the tank, as proven recently with Sauce Theft Auto, another remarkable mixtape released with the Sauce Twinz. Be prepared for more.

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