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April 2013

Tuesday 2 April 2013

ASTRONAUTALIS - This Is Our Science

, 23:16

Though Astronautalis is a key player on the indie hip-hop scene - at least regarding the folk rap subgenre – none of his albums is flawless. The very first, You and Yer Good Ideas, was full of promises, with some great tracks like the admirable "Ocean Walk", but it was still a bit too...

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Monday 8 April 2013

DOPESTYLE 1231 - KutMasta Kurt Presents Dopestyle 1231

, 23:07

Released in 2004 by two KutMasta Kurt protégés – his name was in the title, but he took not part to the record – this album had not been well received by the critics. They reproached almost everything to Dopestyle 1231. They said that it was not funky or melodic enough, that the duo was some...

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Wednesday 17 April 2013


, 22:59

The transition of Kool Keith from the funky Ultramagnetic MCs to the more futuristic and hallucinated Dr. Octagon was partly due to the rapper and producer Godfather Don. Momentarily recruited by the former, in 1992, he didn't stay too long in the group, his dark beats not fitting completely with...

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