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August 2012

Sunday 5 August 2012


, 12:59

This record of Dose One and Boom Bip is so typical of its time… Even if it wasn't released on this label, it symbolizes so well the rap deconstructionism logic launched in the late 90's by Anticon. It is bordering so much the absurd, that we are not sure we want to listen to it again, almost...

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Tuesday 7 August 2012

D-STYLES - Phantazmagorea

, 23:11

Turntablism! Scratches, cuts, virtuosity! This is the usual package delivered by D-Styles of the Beat Junkies, one of the best DJs from this West Coast Filipino community which, curiously, is full of experts in vinyl handling. Moreover, not content with excelling in that domain and illuminating...

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