Quite often, when a mixtape starts buzzing, like Shy Glizzy's Law 2 in 2013, it means that another one had paved the way beforehand. Actually, what put the young Washington D.C. rapper on the map, in addition to his beef with Fat Trel, was the first instalment of the Law series one year earlier, in 2012, and the even stronger Fxck Rap, he released in December the same year, on his 20th birthday.


Self-released :: 2012 :: download mixtape

This release might very well be his true first manifesto. It starts, indeed, with an introduction. On "Tru Story", on a quiet piano, Shy Glizzy shares the story of his life. He talks about his multiple expulsions from school, and he implores the Lord, so that He stops creating pitiful creatures like him... This track is a perfect presentation. It shows the rapper as some bizarre dilettante, equally keen on self-pitying and glorifying himself, and not afraid to sing, per the new trend in rap music. This character, actually, is on par with the aspect of this little and frail guy, whose face would look adolescent, if he hadn't some remarkable sideburns on it.

Later on, when he stops being biographical, or sharing details about his troubled environment and personality like on "Sad to Say", Shy Glizzy fucks rap. According to "Fxck Rap", the song, his loyalty goes to his gun and his drugs, and not to the music. On "Swish", "N Lov", and "Money Problems" – a track already present on Law 2 - and like so many others before him, he talks about a lifestyle made of bitches and money. On "Pilot", with another sensation of 2012, Trinidad James, he shares his passion for clothes. And on "Hova", he pretends that Jay-Z is his role model, with the deadpan humor and the cartoon voice which are his trademarks.

His most striking songs, though, aren't disclosed before the end of Fxck Rap. These are "Too Far" with its soul music melody, a track featuring Wale, the most famous rapper from D.C., whom Shy Glizzy surpasses in terms of weirdness and charisma; "Deal With Ya", a more aggressive song, supported by another local rapper, Black Cobain; and of course "I Wish", a list of everything the rapper desires, delivered with an affected tone and on a tearful music from Creepshow's soundtrack (previously used by Three 6 Mafia and Juicy J). This song is absolutely over the top, but it is also totally genial. Like everything from Shy Glizzy, actually.

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