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July 2015

Monday 13 July 2015

GLUE - Catch as Catch Can

, 19:37

Eventually, Glue's discography would be short. Apart from a few singles, a tour CD, and an EP, Sunset Lodge, the trio would have delivered two albums only, across its career. Each record, though, was a strong one, and this is the only thing that matters. Each was the product of a perfect alchemy...

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Monday 27 July 2015

COMPANY FLOW - Little Johnny from the Hospitul

, 22:49

One thing is certain: after their mythical Funcrusher Plus, nothing could challenge the iconic status of Company Flow, in the hip-hop underground. Their next album, though, could have rattled it. Actually, just when the group was on its way to imposing its uncompromising kind of rap to a growing...

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