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December 2005

Wednesday 14 December 2005

SLUG - Biography

, 22:59

Slug is one of the most singular and important artist of the indie rap scene that started to grow at the end of the 90’s. A model for the fast-growing Mid-West underground scene, he was able to find a kind of third way between rap conservatism and exaggerated avant-gardism. Personal, sometimes...

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Thursday 29 December 2005

EIBOL - Karma Kingdom

, 22:28

You may not know EiboL (say it "eyeball"). This guy, though, has been active on the New York rap scene since the late 90's. With Losaka, StayInSane and Hippo, his colleagues from the Hand Held Aspects (H2A) collective, he recorded the remarkable From Point A to H. He is, moreover, the boss...

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