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August 2005

Wednesday 10 August 2005

RECYCLONE - Interview

, 20:41

There are several news concerning Recyclone in 2005 : re-release of his Dead World and Corroding the Cellular Engine albums, preparation of a new record with Soso from Clothes Horse Records, collaboration with Second Front... It was time for us to interview this key player of Canada's hip hop scene...

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Saturday 13 August 2005

SOSO - Tenth Street and Clarence

, 22:55

The newest release from Soso starts where the previous one had stopped. Once again, lyrics are about a Clarence, and this dead child whose birthday was celebrated on the gloomy Birthday Songs. Nobody knows if this story is autobiographic or not, and if the scars exposed by the rapper are real or...

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Thursday 18 August 2005

CONTROLLER 7 - Interview

, 21:10

From the rerelease of Left Handed Straw in 2001 and his reapparance on Bully Records, we had almost no news about Controller 7, apart from a few beats and remixes for Sole, Themselves and Sage Francis. The release of the excellent Bumps mix was an opportuntity for us to ask him about what happened...

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Sunday 21 August 2005

TOCA - Interview

, 20:46

First, I tried to contact Ceschi Ramos, whose Fake Flowers was one my favorite of last year. Or David, his brother, who’s just released a new album. But when I contacted them, all the members of Toca were available, them being the two Ramos brothers plus Tommy V. And Xololanxinxo. This was an...

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