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September 2000

Wednesday 13 September 2000

BUCK 65 - Interview

, 22:15

Judging by his strange, slow rap, his foggy beats splitted in different parts and his true poetic skills, it was logical that Buck 65 became affiliated to Anticon. He is one of the few, though, along with his fellow Sixtoo and the crazy Dose One to convince Sole's label many oponents. And his album...

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Thursday 28 September 2000


, 22:42

After some singles and one great EP (Live from Area 51), The Masterminds have finally released one of the good albums of the Summer 2000, The Underground Railroad. A bit curious about this group (Kimani, Epod et Oracle), its album and their impressive guests list (Mr. Khaliyl, L-Fudge, Mr. Lif,...

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