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JOE RATH - Don't Be a Martyr

, 11:14

Based in Clifton, New Jersey, Joe Rath is said to have recorded something like ten albums around 2000. Most of them, however, have been released in a very DIY way, except He Meant Well, a 2002 record released on Motion Recordings, but almost as unnoticed as the others. It was only with Overwhelmed - a 2003 EP proposed by Beyond Space Entertainment - that the rapper started making a name for himself. All songs on this record did not all have the same value, but the catchy "Marilyn’s Diary" and the dark beauty of "Parliament Lights", about a suicidal girlfriend, were full of potential. And one year later, this potential was confirmed with Don’t Be a Martyr, a full album were almost all tracks were strong.

JOE RATH - Don't Be a Martyr

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JOE RATH - Interview

, 21:51

The highly recommended Don’t Be a Martyr album released in 2004 confirmed it: Joe Rath deserves far more attention than many of his counterparts from the post Year 2K’s indie hip hop explosion. So please read the following interview of this New Jersey native and encourage him to release the new gem he hasn’t have the opportunity to record yet.

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