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COURDEK - Synchronicity

, 22:58

When you are based too far from hip-hop's main centers, chasing recognition and fame can become a tricky process. As a matter of fact, only a few rappers from Arizona made a name for themselves, in the small indie world. These are the Drunken Immortals, from the Universatile Music label or, for the best informed, Morse Code, a live hip-hop band. Phoenix and its surrounding, though, are also the headquarters of Avenue of the Arts (AOTA), a collective of rappers known for their collaborations with some Californian neighbors like Busdriver, 2Mex and LMNO.

COURDEK - Synchronicity

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COURDEK - Interview

, 21:18

For most of us, Arizona’s hip hop scene is still to be discovered. This year, our entry point to all the exciting and promising artists from Phoenix and its neighbourhood was Avenue of the Arts’ rapper and producer Courdek through his excellent Synchronicity record. A first contact has been the opportunity for us to discover a bit more about his past, musical tastes, projects and fellows rappers from the AOTA crew.

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