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September 2001

Sunday 2 September 2001

MARS ILL - Interview

, 22:33

The much talented Mars Ill (ManCHILD, and Dust) are the authors of Raw Material, one of last year’s must-have hip-hop albums. That was just one good reason to ask for a short interview with them. But we little atheist French people couldn’t help asking some nasty questions about the christian...

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Wednesday 5 September 2001

LA CAUTION - Asphalte Hurlante

, 22:29

The beginning of the year 2001 has been quite unsurprising. The same day, hip-hop’s two most anticipated albums came to our ears, and came up to all expectations, setting to reach the top ranks in our end-of-the-year playlists. In the US, The Cold Vein gathered what Vast, Vordul and El-P could do...

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Friday 7 September 2001

TES - Take Home Tes

, 22:35

Nature doesn’t like empty spaces. The Year 2000 is finishing, Company Flow have barely announced their retirement as a group, and you already feel the urge to find somebody worthy of relaying the mythical New-Yorkers who brought about the new era of hip-hop. Hip-hop’s very own (hyper)specialists did...

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