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THE GOODS - The Goods

, 12:30

Judging by the small hype, by the end of the 90's, about Halifax's so-called bold and visionary hip-hop underground, it is surprising to realize that one of the pioneer albums of this scene was not so revolutionary. As most indie rap artists of the times, these were still loyal to New-York's boom bap. It would be only a few months or years later, with the experimentations of the Sebutones, Knowself and Recyclone, that some other Nova Scotia rappers would move to something else.

THE GOODS - The Goods

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KUNGA 219 - Interview

, 22:00

Apparently Halifax, Nova Scotia, is quite a rich scene with plenty of hip hop artists of a new kind. Revealed after Buck 65 and Sixtoo - both of them affiliated to Anticon - here is Kunga 219, author of the brilliant Tharpa's Transcript and the adept of poetical rap with slow and melancolic atmospheres, just as his fellows. We wanted to know more about him and invited Kunga to answer our interview.

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