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March 2002

Wednesday 6 March 2002

FOG - The Fog

, 22:03

Dose One’s experience of the British scene has been quite fruitful up to now. It enabled him to follow new tracks, to make interesting collaborations, and, probably more discreetly, it enabled Fog (aka Andrew Broder) to be heard. The latter could have remained locked away forever in his native state...

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Wednesday 13 March 2002

ABSTRACKT KEAL AGRAM - Abstrackt Keal Agram

, 23:27

It seems that you had to search among instrumental works if you wanted to find the best French albums for 2001 in the hip-hop affiliated category. After Tacteel’s Butter for the Fat (admittedly an EP), it’s Abstrackt Keal Agram’s turn to find their place a bit late in our end of the year best-of....

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