MikeWiLLBeenTrill was not the first mixtape from Mike Will Made It. In the two years before, he had released all three volumes of his Est. in 1989 series. But in 2013, the Atlanta producer was at the apex of his fame; he was now notorious much beyond the (t)rap universe he had originated from. Around a dozen of that year's hit singles, were produced by him. And a few weeks before this new release, he had executively produced Miley Cyrus' Bangerz album, and signed a large part of its music. While the Disney star collaborated with this beakmaker from Atlanta's trap music scene and turned into a nasty girl, Mike Will expanded his aura to a large audience. As a matter of fact, more than his previous releases, MikeWiLLBeenTrill demonstrated that his collaborators were getting more diverse.


Self-released :: 2013 :: download mixtape

On this mixtape with reverted roles – the producer was the main guy, while a rapper, Future, hosted it - Michael Williams Jr. worked with all of them: his Atlanta colleagues, like Future, but also 2 Chainz, Migos, and the one he had started his career with, Gucci Mane; notorious rappers coming from other places, like Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J and Project Pat; pop and R&B stars, like Miley Cyrus of course, and Ciara. And also, in addition to these heavyweights, he collaborated with his own protégés Two-9 and Rae Sremmurd, who would join soon his Ear Drummers label. He even invited Drake, Schoolboy Q, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, T.I, Fat Trel, Pastor Troy, Jeezy, Diddy and Juicy J, all of them simultaneously, on a megamix version of "Shit". This track, the best from Future's next album, Honest, was actually a bit too lengthy in that specific version; its guest list was more impressive than its output. But the rest of the project, a compilation of recent works – many would also be released on other mixtapes – was overall irresistible.

With its synthetic sounds, its pulsating bass and its rattling drums, Mike Will's music was deeply rooted into his city's own kind of rap music. It was quite diverse, though, and able to conform itself to any style: Future's "Wolf", for example, was sinister, while he adapted easily to 2 Chainz's materialistic and goofy rap, or to the atrabilious pose of Project Pat on "Never Be a G". Gucci Mane had the tunes his gangsta nursery rhymes required, and Migos the emphatic beats needed by their never-ending repetitions. And when Mike Will explored pop-oriented territories, like Ciara's "Where You Go" or Miley Cyrus' "My Darlin" – both featuring Future – he adequately employed a guitar. Most of his tracks hit right. And it was all the most remarkable, considering that none of them was part of his famous successes; as if, around 2013, any song produced by Mike Will was destined to be a banger.

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